i9 Bottle helps balancing your blood

i9 Informed water improves health

Water makes up about 70% of who we are, and influences 100% of the processes in our body. This is why it's very important to drink good quality water. The consumption of informed water offers incredible health benefits which can be observed trough dark field blood tests...

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9 Life-Changing Reasons To Drink More Water


Are you thirsty? By the time when we experience the sensation of the thirst, we are already dehydrated. That thirst is our body calling for re-hydration.

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What is Kinesiology?


Kinesiology is the scientific study of human or non-human body movement. Kinesiology addresses physiological, biomechanical, and psychological mechanisms of movement. Applications of kinesiology to human health (i.e. human kinesiology) include biomechanics and orthopedics; strength and conditioning; sport psychology; methods of rehabilitation, such as physical and occupational therapy; and sport and exercise.

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How to unwind from the stress

How to reduce stress and how i9bottle can help you?

How to reduce stress and how i9bottle can help you?

We all get stressed. It's a normal reaction of our mind and body to the increasing demands of life. When stress is in our comfort zone it can help us stay focused, vibrant, and helps us to cope with challenges in our life. But when it becomes negative it can start causing damage to our mind and body.

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Tips to ease summer fatigue

Erase summer fatige

Things you can do to overcome summer fatigue.

Summer is the most vibrant season of the year. We want to enjoy as many outdoor activities we can; go to the beach, visit new places, be physically active ,... With all that we forget that summer is also the hottest season and can cause unpleasant symptoms such as fatigue, dehydration, insomnia,... However, there are things you can do, to feel more refreshed and energized.

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i9 Allium tests & results

The so-called “onion tests” are considered to be the standard in environmental monitoring

The so-called “onion tests” are considered to be the standard in environmental monitoring, and are used as the bio-indicator for evaluating environmental pollution. This is deemed a very efficient scientific procedure for water quality research.

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Meet i9 Informed water bottle

Meet i9 – informed water bottle – http://www.i9bottle.com. The technology behind i9 products is backed by 30 years of research & innovation and was developed by a team of world class inventors, who received over 90 international awards & recognitions for their exceptional achievements.

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