Aura and its layers

i9blog - Aura, Layers and chakra positions

Aura is a field of electromagnetic radiation surrounding a human body. It is ovoid, widest at the head and narrowest at the feet: it’s a living part of us, always expanding and contracting. The aura comprises seven layers that impenetrate each other and the physical body. Each layer correlates to one of seven major chakras.

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Water and contamination

i9blog - Water and contamination

The secret of life lies in proper cell nourishment, and the ability of cells to dispose of waste and toxins. Did you know that drinking water, even when purified, retains information of its contaminants?

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Water, a source of Life

Water - source of life

Water is crystalline, water is energy, it is memory, it is life. The single most important ingredient to the potion of life. Without water, there would be no people, no animals, no plants. At first glance, it is an unexciting and simple flavorless liquid crystalline structure. Yet, its secrets, studied for decades, have led to an outstanding discovery of how beneficial the water truly is for our health and existence. Present throughout the universe, water is the cornerstone of life and necessary for survival. Life developed in the oceans and, through evolution, a part of it adapted to life on land.

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Meet i9 Informed water bottle

Meet i9 – informed water bottle – The technology behind i9 products is backed by 30 years of research & innovation and was developed by a team of world class inventors, who received over 90 international awards & recognitions for their exceptional achievements.

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What keeps us alive?

i9Blog - What keeps us alive

We know it's extremely important to drink plenty of water. Water keeps us alive and healthy. But why is this so?

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You are what you drink

i9Blog - You are what you drink

Scientists from Saint Petersburg have cracked the secret behind structured water, which was supposedly one of the reasons for amazing success of the Chinese athletes at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

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Documentary: Water

i9bottle Documentary water

What if you were told that many scientists, doctors and experts from other fields believe that water is the greatest miracle on this planet? It's well known that we cannot survive without water, even for just a few days. It's also well known that drinking lots of water has an important effect on health.

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Water – our planet’s biggest secret

i9blog - water our planet biggest secret

We cordially invite you to watch our i9 video about the wonders of water and its effects on life. Informed technology is based on the undisputable scientific fact, that everything in the Universe carries s specific code or information.

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