Chromotherapy with i9bottle

Nature provides us with amazing, yet simple solutions. We have learned to harness these solutions for personal improvement and disease prevention.

When exposed to sunlight, water in a coloured container absorbs the vibration of that particular colour. This is the basic principle behind chromotherapy. With the help of carefully selected information (positive vibration) we can truly experience and benefit from nature’s natural healing properties.

i9 bottles take full advantage of this most natural healing powers by allowing every individual to pick her or his favourite colour combination and help keep disease and infections at bay.

What are Chakras?

Chakras are non-physical energy centres (pure light) that help transform and maintain our physical, mental and spiritual life forces. The word »chakra« is an ancient Sanskirt term and denotes a “wheel of light”. If we believe there is a higher source to our existence, then it is also clear to understand we are all part of this “greater force”.

  • Crown Chakra

    Violet – Bliss, Spirituality

    It promotes: Knowingness, Wisdom, Inspiration, Charisma, Awareness, Higher State of Mind, Meditation, Altruism, Visionary, "I Am"
  • Third Eye Chakra

    Indigo – Intuition, Imagination

    It promotes: Intuition, Invention, Psychic Abilities, Self-realization,, Perception, Release, Memory, Fearlessness.
  • Thorat Chakra

    Blue – Truth, Communication, Healing

    It promotes: Speech, Trust, Creative expression, Planning, Organisation, Caution, Peace makers, Unity, safety, Godliness.
  • Heart chakra

    Green – Love, Balance

    It promotes: Harmony, Balance, Relationships, Love, Acceptance, Self-Control, Compassion, Forgiveness, Renewal, Growth, Healing.
  • Solar Plexsus Chakra

    Yellow – Purpose of life, Light

    It promotes: Personality, Power, Knowledge, Intelligence, Wit, Laughter, Mentality, Clarity, Humour, Optimism, Self-Control.
  • Sacral Chakra

    Orange – Emotion, Desires

    It promotes: Feelings, Emotions, Intimacy, Fertility, Sensuality, Female Sexuality, Confidence, Sociability, Freedom, Creativity.
  • Root Chakra

    Red – Passion, Will Power

    It promotes: Survival, Vitality, Reality, Grounding, Security, Support, Stability, Male Sexuality, Individuality, Courage, Impulsiveness.
  • White Chakra

    White – Purity, Higher Power

    It promotes: Illumination, Release, Brilliance, Radiance, Transcendence, Purification and Cleansing, Sensitivity, Capable of compassion.